How Bamboo Floors Rate Against Other Flooring Types

Published: 21st July 2009
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Bamboo floor care and maintenance as well as characteristics are much comparable to hardwood flooring. But, take note. These two are different from each other. So everything may not equally apply to both or to other flooring materials as well. To show you what I mean, here is a comparison of the features and advantages of bamboo flooring to other types of flooring materials.

Bamboo flooring over:

Hardwood floor

• They are similar in durability and follow that same maintenance process. But there are some characteristics of bamboo flooring that hardwood floor do not have, and vice versa.

• The installation processes for both use the same easy guidelines and techniques for perfect fittings and secure attachments.

• They both last a long time since both bamboo and hardwood flooring are sturdy, durable and enduring.

• Texture and colors are both abundant and they both address the same health issues effectively.

Ceramic Tiles

• The approximate existence of both bamboo and ceramic tiles may be long term. But the overall durability and health advantages are quite different.

• Bamboo flooring is much easier to maintain and care for compared to ceramic tiles because of grout maintenance.

• Bamboo flooring installation is simpler than tiles.

• Bamboo flooring can adapt better to temperature and has the ability to warm the foot, while tiles are poor heat conductors and are quite clammy to step on. They are also prone to mold growths which make them slippery at times.

• But on the other hand, bamboo flooring has lesser moisture resistance than tile.

Cork flooring

• Cork flooring maintenance is similar to that of bamboo flooring, yet cork flooring is more highly resistant to excessive moisture.

• Cork flooring's wear-and-tear resistance is parallel to bamboo flooring.

• It cushions the heel and is a good source of warmth.

• But bamboo flooring offers easier installation and longer durability than that of cork flooring.

• But cork flooring can also be refinish just like a bamboo flooring

Laminate flooring

• Laminate flooring follows the same care and cleaning procedure as that of bamboo floors.

• But laminate is far more superior in moisture resistance than that of bamboo floors.

• Scratch resistance is relative.

• The installation process for both is pretty simple.

• But bamboo has a greater advantage in terms of overall durability.

• Bamboo flooring can be recoated as laminate flooring cannot.

Bamboo flooring currently stands out as a new option for home flooring material. The durability and flexibility of the bamboo floors can be outwardly seen and experienced. And it is something that is pretty much at par with hardwood. Bamboo floorings helpful attributes make it a superior choice for home use among other types of floor products. Installations are trouble free and its performance is pretty good. The use of bamboo floor in your home or office will create a great impact in your environment. It will furnish that nice, warm feeling all climates. And additionally, it's diversified designs and textures will make your home or office space extraordinarily stylish. You will be able to play around with shades and patterns to create an area that uniquely expresses your individuality or your theme. Consumers are more inclined on using bamboo floors because they now realize how valuable and cost-effective it is as an investment.

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